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In our clinic, you can find the most popular pet health products. Antiparasitic products (spot ons, collars, tablets), ear drops, shampoos, diets and commercial pet food. If you don't find what you are looking for, we can order it ASAP.

Antiparasitic products:

  • Spot on products: Advocate, Advantix, Stronghold, Frontline-Combo, Prac-Tic, Exspot
  • Collars: Foresto, Killtix, Bolfo
  • Long lasting tablets against ticks and fleas: Bravecto, Nexgard
  • Deworming tablets: Drontal, Cestal, Dehinel, Millbemax
  • Piret-mix

Skin care:

  • Shampoos: Allermyll, Dermilen, Peroxyderm
  • Skin care products: Dermoscent, Megaderm

Ear products:

  • Ear drops: Surolan, Easotic, Otomax, Dexoryl, Posatex
  • Ear cleening solutions: Otodine, Otifree

Hill's PD and SP food:

  • Diets: a/d, i/d, c/d, d/d
  • Non dietary food: SP Puppy, SP Kitten, ...

Food supplements:

  • Vitamins: Lavet vitaminok, Jolomax
  • Immune enhancers: Béres Minera, Vetri DMG
  • Joint care products: Synoquin, Arthromed

Tooth care:

  • Chewing tapes: Dentizahn
  • Dental hygiene prodcts: Stomodine, Vetaquadent